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The 6 Trends autumn winter 2016-2017 makeup BEAUTY 

The 6 Trends autumn winter 2016-2017 makeup

Extreme or nothing what is your choice in terms of makeup. Do you dare enough to inhale the trend 2017.

Lets hit the floor

2016-2017 autumn-winter season we played double or nothing with makeup. Dramatic finishes against bare skin, nude colors against almost gothic tones, matte against gloss ... Extremes meet, but without mixing. You choose what goes best with your style, we give you the keys:


1. The glowy complexion

This summer, the trend was to strobing and non-touring , that is to say, an ultra bright and deceptively natural skin tone. If you love to see your cheekbones catch the light, do not put everything on your creams and powders because the illuminatrices glowy complexion was again praised this fall and winter!

Applied all over the face or in small touches on the zygomatic bone, Cupid's bow and under the eyebrow, the highlighter gives a nice stunt to face . If you have fair skin, choose a pink or champagne colored according to the sub-tone of your skin.If your complexion is medium, a nice apricot will be perfect for your little face light up with a thousand lights. Finally, if your complexion is dark, dark on the golden!

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2. The sunkissed skin

You've got some color to your sunbathing sessions this summer? Good, because the slightly tanned skin is one of the major trends of the season!

To cheat a little, armed yourself with a good thick brush and sweeps a not too dark sun powder at your temples, on your cheekbones and on the bone of your jaw. For a light sculpting effect, does not hesitate to choose a matte bronzer . If you find the result a bit dull, you can apply a touch of rosewood blush.

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3. The glitter eye

The seduction operation by sequins for several seasons working: this autumn-winter, glitters will be everywhere, and even more on our eyes! Before making your makeup, always apply a special eye glitter base to fasten the eye shadow on your skin and avoid the falls during the day.

If you're afraid not to pay the full glitter look, a dash of glitter eyeliner on the flush upper or lower lashes will sparkle your peepers without risking your interlocutors blinded by your beauty.

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4. The ultra smoky eye

If last summer was to pop colors and neon, this winter, the good old smoky family is back and still in deep shades of navy blue, fir green and anthracite.

For a result like never smoked, start by applying a cream eye shadow or a black grease pencil across your lid and flush on your lower lashes, then apply over your dark eye shadow. then blurs the edges with a specific brush and apply two coats of mascara good. Not bad is not it?



 5. The vinyl gloss lips

This year, the gloss, this demonic invention that shunned like the plague since the 2000s, is back in the beauty trends !

Fortunately for us, the offer has grown since the college years and you'll be able to choose between different types of products ranging from transparent lip gloss red ultra shiny liquid lips.

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6.The raven mouth

With clouds and cold often comes the desire to make up more intensely. This year, if you're not too smoky eye, you can still pass the dark side of the force by adopting the crow mouth !

With all shades recently put on the market (thank you thank you thank you!) Ranging from purple to bluish black, you'll have enough to test countless looks.Congratulations veal!

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