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Re-Branding of Debattama saha bengali serial girl into Mumbai latest sensation BEAUTY FASHION MODEL PEOPLE 

Re-Branding of Debattama saha bengali serial girl into Mumbai latest sensation

Branding to rebranding both is requiring for business as well as for an actress. One fashion brand when faces loss or try to generate customers in higher value they need to rebrand themselves. Now a days same classic business strategies are being followed by actors and actress. We all know for re-branding image speaks the final word. It is the only way one can strongly convey messages about his or her product to the potential buyer. One good rebranded image can really turn your business into huge profit and gain more specific demographically segmented potential client.

Debattama saha as “soi”  is one of the most popular teen character who has shown her face as traditional bengali wife in a daily soap named “Gurudakhina” telecasted in Colors Bangla. These melodramatic serial where we can see Debattama as ideal bengali wife trying to make all family member happy as much as she can. Taking inside all blues inside her heart. Now it makes her brand as a bengali wife. She wants to come up in Bollywood with teenaged sensation. To rebrand her-self she communicates to International Fashion Photographer Ipsito Das known as master of rebranding in fashion industry. Who has already covered several fashion shows like MBFW, Victoria’s Secret for several fashion magazines. The very good looking bengali wife “soi” is being rebranded herself to step into Mumbai. This stunning photo-shoot facilitates to break the barrier which she already made for her as “Bengali Bou”.

We had very exclusive chat with Debattama who is basically from Assam but now for her career she is staying at Kolkata.

Q:How did you start your acting career?
A: I actually never planned to start acting as i was into music all the time.
One of my uncle informed me of an audition. I thought it was fun so i went randomly and gave the audition. I actually got selected and that’s how i started my acting career.
Q:What was your first big break in the industry?
It is A amar Gurudakshina, which is a bengali mega serial. I got to do the lead with double roles and also got various shades as an actor. Shades as in various characters later.

Q:What has been your favorite role so far?
I love all kind of characters, actually different shades. Loving a particular character more than other is not my cup as when i get a particular character, i get totally involved in it and try to give my best.

Q:When you’re not busy acting, what are some of your favorite things to do?
I sing. I dance. I was into sports. I compose. I paint. So i never get bored when m alone and with no work. Cz i keep on doing something or the other. I like meeting new people though.

Q:If you weren’t a actor, what would you want to do?
A singer. My dream.

Q.Where is your favorite place to travel?
Mountains i l

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