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Alkaline scheme: in spa treatments, advice on nutrition and reference books CULTURE&LIVING 

Alkaline scheme: in spa treatments, advice on nutrition and reference books

The key-word-being, right now, is alkalinity . “It means balancing the right balance between the acid pH and the basic (alkaline) of our body,” says Rocco Palmisano , naturopath and iridologist. “The blood is slightly alkaline, slightly over seven and should remain around this value. However, there are so many factors, from stress to poor nutrition, can enhance the acidity, which in the long run can lead to osteoporosis, kidney fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion. ”

Even the wellness centers are specializing about this healthy concept. At the Purity Spa Palace AllegroItalia Alagna Alagna Valsesia (Vercelli), at the foot of Monte Rosa, all the rituals prevent the elements that accelerate aging, such as oxidative stress and inflammation, philosophy in the future will be adopted also in Italy from other structures of the AllegroItalia group. “It starts with a test that evaluates the degree of acidity , then it sets up a personalized program, which can be detoxifying, anti-aging, anti-stress,” says Ambra Pochintesta , spa center manager. “Beauty treatments are intended to bring to the surface the toxins that result in a too high acidity level.” Among the most popular are brushing with an accessory equipped with “copper teeth” (a mineral that “captures” the acidity) and the application of all the cups of the body that stimulate drainage.

“It is also recommended to soak in the pool thermalized , rich in potassium and magnesium, the alkaline characteristics and intake of more than two liters a day of water, always alkaline, which dilutes the waste,” continues the spa manager. “Still, another peculiarity is that any soin can be combined with the use of an apparatus which is called Bioclinic , a kind of foot bath in which the water darkens because it absorbs the body’s toxins.” The living room at Purity Spa continues with the food part, which includes an ad hoc diet .

“The alkaline diet eliminates waste produced by acidic foods, rich in animal protein, exploiting, on the contrary, all alkaline foods (or basic) , that whole ones (fiber based), fruits, legumes and vegetables season, “adds Nicoletta Bertolin , dietitian at the Relilax Hotel Miramonti in Abano Terme (Padova), one of the first centers to offer this method within the wellness programs. “The ‘ ideal diet should be alkaline to 60 percentand give preference to vegetable protein, limiting those animals once a day; unlike many foods that you usually consume, including white sugar, meat, dairy products, caffeine, salt, refined flour, are acidic. ”

The literature is prepared on the subject. You can consult the Alkaline Diet written by Christopher Vasey, a Swiss naturopath and published by Red editions, while Jonathan Aviv, ENT physician, professor of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, in his book The acid watcher diet , shows a floor of twenty-eight days to detox from acids and subsequent maintenance phase to repair the damage that acids resulted in digestive tissues, causing sometimes heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux.

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